Why Interactive Content is the Future?

Three main advantages of right Business Content

Interactive Content grab and holds the attention of your target audience. Interactive presentations not just the visual it’s kinesthetic too. It’s includes different: quizzes, calculators, games, assessment tools, contests, surveys, animations, calls to action and more other actual instruments of influence.

Animated content is better distributed over SMM on 40% than static. It’s helps companies to grow an organic reach with unpaid distribution.

People are different and unique. Theories and Research in Education the findings reveal that Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learning style of the study as usual is (40.0%), (29.5%), and 30.5% respectively. Interactive content reach all of these people V 40% +A 29,5%+K 30,5% = 100% reach your target audiences.

80% Marketers believe that interactive content highlights the company among competitors.

Better distributed over SMM


Visual & Auditory & Kinesthetic audiences


Highlights your company among competitors


Our Expertise

We offer next Services for our Partners

Marketing Support

We use next puzzles for one effective Marketing Strategy development: Defining your Product and Identifying your Target Audience, Market Research and Competitive environment reports, SWOT Analysis and Channels of Promotion identification

Brand Identity

Successful Identity;I is: detect features what make your business different and special, show uniqueness of your product, catch and hold attention of customers, show your unique sense of style and color, choose one tone of Voice for all channels, instigate Brand recognition and trust

Interactive presentations

An overabundance of information generates a superficial understanding of texts. Are you still reading this text? Please stop and better look our Portfolio. You See? We love to turn a dry and boring text into an interesting and Animated Story

SMM Content

SMM Strategy should be a part of main Marketing Strategy and answers on the next questions: Vision of Product or Service? Goals and Tasks of promotion? Target Audience and geography of penetration? Tone of Voice? Main Channels? KPIs?

Graphic & Print Design

As former IBM CEO Thomas Watson Jr. told “Good Design is Good Business.” You have 5 seconds to make a great first impression on potential customers. We help your Business look professional. Our team makes a classical non template design which will be in trend even through the years


Our development cover creation animated presentations using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript; websites development with any complexity level; CLM-presentations adaptation. Work with popular CMS platforms: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart

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